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I've just realised that, as an adult, going on holiday is actually rather stressful! Or at least preparing for it is, anyway. I've got to-do lists coming out of my ears for our trip to Turkey next week - Visas, car parking, airport transfers, plug socket adapters... there's so much to think about! On top of all the admin stuff, you've got to think about booking waxes, pedicures and of course - what to pack! Luckily, the latter has been made a bit easier since I have collaborated with Lyst to keep my holiday shopping list organised in style.

So what's on my holiday Lyst? The essentials of course - a beautiful black crochet bikini from Topshop, Havianas flip flops and a classic pair of Gucci sunglasses (a girl can dream!). I can't afford many designer items, but I do think there are a few pieces worth investing in and that is a bag, a watch, and a pair of sunnies. I'll also need a pair of comfy shoes for walking from the apartment down to the beach and the slip on Keds look ideal.

This Dr Denim dress has been on my holiday list for ages. It'd be perfect to slip on over my bikini for lunch, or to wander round a Turkish market in - paired with the Keds. I've also been eyeing up the Oasis shorts for a few weeks, teamed with a white cami, they'd look so cute! I'm very tempted to cross them off my Lyst but I'm worried I'd literally NEVER wear them once back at home. What do you think, shall I?

Having used (and previously worked for) similar shopping sites, I must say I am really impressed with It's beautifully designed, super easy to use, and really easy to filter the results to find what you want. (I know from experience how much hard work goes into making accurate filtering work!). There's a great range of products and I love the mix of designer and high street on offer. Although I'm on a budget, it's quite nice to see the designer items, be inspired, and then find a cheaper alternative. Being able to add items to different 'lysts' is just a great idea - you can have a holiday list, a workwear list, or make themed lists for different trends.

I'll be downloading the Lyst app to assist with my last minute shopping this weekend - and any items that I can't pick up in town, I can click straight through to order from the retailer's website.

You can view and shop my holiday shopping Lyst here.What's on your holiday Lyst?



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