Holiday Snaps: Akbuk, Turkey

Rich and I have just returned from our first holiday together and it was rather lovely indeed. We went to a small town called Akbuk in Turkey, staying in a family friend's apartment just a short bus ride from the main 'strip'.

Akbuk isn't really a beach resort, but instead there are lots of wooden jettys along the coastline. We spent most of our days chilling out on the Gezgin Cafe's jetty, which was near the apartment. The jetty was filled with loungers and big comfy beanbags to laze on, and best of all - their diet coke came in PINK cans! We found another nice jetty nearer the town too, which was closer into Akbuk town but was empty both times we went - we had the entire thing to ourselves! It was lovely to relax with a book and soak up some sun before jumping off the jetty into the crystal clear sea. Rich got himself a snorkel and went diving to find me a pearl... that was unsuccessful but he brought up lots of pretty shells to make a wind chime from! Whilst he was exploring the sea bed I worked on my tan and got through two books - 'When In Rome' by Nikki Pellegrino, a chick flick set in 1950's Italy, and Harper Lee's classic 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

One day we left the jetty and went out on a boat. It was only 100 lira (about £12 each) for all day sailing around different coves and beaches, with a lovely fish salad and pasta lunch included. There was some great music playing chilled out chart hits and a bar for ice creams and beer - I'm not a really a beer drinker but the Turkish Efes beer is nice! We both got really tanned at sea too!

In general I don't rate the holiday for it's food - most eateries weren't anything special. In fact, the first two evening's meals, near our apartment, were rather vile. But we soon scoped out the nicer restaurants that were much nicer quality and served nice wine and proper cocktails. These were in the main part of Akbuk. The nicest meal I had all week was at a newly opened Esinti. It was a Turkish Mousakka parcel - aubergine, beef, tomatoes and potato inside a thin, crispy parcel, served with rice, chips and salad. The rest of the time we ate at the apartment, mainly lots of Karpus (watermelon) which was about 20p for a fruit twice the size of my head! One place we went back to countless times was called Pasa, mainly for their amazing cocktails and gorgeous sunset views. 

And I'll leave you with my favourite holiday picture... 

Do you have any holidays planned this summer?



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! What a shame that the food wasn't too good, but besides that it sounds great!

    Courtney |

  2. Wow your trip looked amazing! I am all for a relaxing beach/ sea/ jetty holiday <3 The Coke packagings are way too cute and it is wonderful how you can get watermelon for such a low price :D The cocktails and the view look really good as well :) I am definitely putting turkey on my 'to-go list'! <3

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  3. Love these photos, you guys are too too cute. Looks like you had a fab time :)

    Sophie x


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