Exploring Corfe Castle



I was uploading some blog pics to my laptop this weekend when I came across a load of photos from our day out to Corfe Castle in March. I'd totally forgotten we'd taken any pictures on the big camera so it was a lovely little surprise on a rainy Sunday afternoon to reminisce about sunnier days.

Since meeting Rich, we've spent lots of time in his home county of Dorset and I've been really enjoying discovering all the lovely places around there. Last summer we went to Stourhead House (which is actually over the border in Wiltshire) and walked the dogs in Badbury Rings, but never got time to visit Corfe Castle despite it intriguing me every time we drove past it. So taking advantage of such a beautiful day during our last visit in March, we went to explore the remains of Corfe Castle. The car park is quite a walk from the castle, which sits on top of a hill, but it was a lovely walk along a little stream lined with leafy trees with the sunshine beaming between the branches. The castle itself dates back to the 11th century when it was built by William the Conqueror. Considering it's age and the many attacks it's seen, it's quite surprising how much of the castle is still in tact. Many of the windows and archways remain in near perfect condition and you could even walk around inside the castle's remaining rooms. After a walk around learning about the castle's history and posing for obligatory photos in the stocks, we went to the National Trust café for a traditional Dorset cream tea and scone (AND a slice of cake each!)

I'm such an old granny, I love visiting National Trust sites. Between living in Sussex and regularly visiting Dorset, there are so many beautiful National Trust places on our list to explore, we really must get an annual pass! Anyone else enjoy OAP activities at the weekends?


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