a lucky charm

After my little bout of bad luck at work over the past few weeks, I find myself keep reaching towards this lovely lucky horseshoe necklace* by HiHo Silver... and it appears to be doing the trick as things seem to be turning themselves around!

My mum always used to have lucky horseshoes in our house when I was growing up, and I used to work on Saturdays at the local riding school (cleaning out the stables and leading the little kids round in their lessons, my payment being a free ride on the Sunday!) so, although it's a new addition to my jewellery collection, it's already become quite sentimental. The brand, HiHo Silver, has it's roots in the English countryside (just like me, a country bumpkin deep down!), working out of an old piggery amongst the farmyard animals! Many of their pieces are inspired by their country surroundings, with lots of equestrian themed pieces.

As much as I do love a statement necklace from time to time, my daily jewellery is dainty and simple. I have a couple of Pandora rings that I wear every day, alongside my Olivia Burton watch. And when I'm wearing a plain or low top, I think a simple necklace just finishes it off. I like how this one is gold and silver, which pulls together my silver rings and gold watch into a more coherent finished look.

I recieved the necklace from Jewel Street, a brilliant new site that stocks pieces from hundreds of different designers. I quite often struggle to shop on sites with SO MUCH stuff on, not knowing where to start! But Jewel Street genuinely is so easy to use - if you know what kind of thing you're looking for, you can filter results by material, type, designer, and style, but there's also plenty of shoppable collections if you're looking to be inspired!



  1. Such a sweet little necklace! I love lucky charm type jewellery, my favourite piece is a rose gold clover necklace that I wear all the time x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. I love rose gold so that sounds lovely! You should write about it on your blog :) x

  2. I love dainty necklaces, and I love how that necklace is gold and silver!

    Sophie x

  3. This is so gorgeous! I'd love a little necklace like this to wear from day-to-day. I especially love the mix of gold and silver, it shouldn't work but somehow it does! x

    ellie etc | a fashion & lifestyle blog

  4. I love the gold and silver mix. I'm switching more to dainty jewellery for everyday now too!

    M xx

    CSI Blog


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