Rosie & Gym: my story so far...

So you may (or more likely, may not) have seen that in January I set up a second blog, Rosie & Gym. Bit of a silly idea really, as I struggle to keep consistent posts on one blog, let alone two. So I've decided to bring all things health and fitness over to Everything's Rosie in a new series called Rosie & Gym (well I couldn't let the name go to waste could I?!)

Expect gym class reviews, gym fashion, progress updates, food... etc.

So to introduce my brand new fitness section onto Everything's Rosie, I thought it made sense to share with you my weight loss and fitness story so far. Excuse the awful pictures!

December 2013
Weight: 12 stone 12 lbs
Size: 14

I've never been a sporty person. Always the last to be picked for rounders in PE. I used to love dancing and dream of working in the West End, but people critisised my size and said I'd never be able to dance professionally. (I was 9!)

I had always been quite chubby as a kid and throughout teenage/uni years I yo-yo dieted, but never managed to lose much weight or keep it off.

By December 2013 I was the unhealthiest and biggest I'd ever been, living off a diet of junk food and did zero exercise at all. I hated the way I looked, I had no confidence to wear the clothes I wanted to, and I felt slow, sluggish and pretty miserable.

I made a New Years Resolution to lose weight yet again, after years of failed attempts, but in 2015 something inside me just clicked and I found myself on the beginning of an amazing journey towards health and happiness... cheesy but so true!

June 2014Weight: 9st 9lbs
Size: 10

For the first time in my life, I'd managed to keep my ever-the-same New Years Resolution going past February, and within six months I'd lost 3 stone and dropped two dress sizes. I felt amazing :-) confident, full of energy, and generally much healthier!

I followed the Slimming World diet for six months which initially helped me shift the weight. I was REALLY strict and didn't allow myself any treats. I cut out alcohol completely except for a glass of wine (and a cupcake!) on my birthday! I was also doing Zumba twice a week, and began running in around April/May.

In June, I completed the 5k Race For Life (and found it pretty easy!)... a huge achievement for the girl who couldn't run for the bus and was always last (and dead) at the end of cross country.

I felt so proud of myself and finally felt confident in my own skin and actually quite liked what I saw in the mirror! The best part was buying an entire new wardrobe (and then again in the winter!). When all your clothes are falling off you there is no buyers remose when you spend hundreds of pounds on new ones! :-)
April 2015
Weight: 10st 3lbs
Size: Still a 10

So this is me now - a pre Boxercise selfie! I'm a little heavier due to muscle gain (and a little more relaxed approach to eating!) but feeling more trim and toned.

I scrapped Slimming World (I'll probably do a post on my opinions on SW at another time...) and began eating a diet more suited to my now VERY active lifestyle.

I joined a gym in August '14 and now go six days a week. I do Boxercise, Zumba, Fitness Interval Training, weight training and running as well as conditioning classes.

I still LOVE my food and eat my fair share of junk at the weekends. But by eating a clean diet 80% of the time and working out 6-7 times a week, I'm feeling much fitter and healthier and I can see my body getting trimmer all the time. (Just imagine how ripped I'd be if I could resist the Domino's menu! But let's be honest, that's never gonna happen!)

I'm happy with my weight and size but by no means does that mean my journey is over. It's only just beginning! My goals now are to blitz away the remaining wobbly bits and get toned, and challenge myself to get fitter and stronger.

I hope you're looking forward to sharing my fitness journey with me, as much as I'm looking forward to writing about it! I'm no guru (as I'm sure we've established) but I hope I can motivate at least one person to get up and move... it feels amazing :)



  1. Well done chick, it's so hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle. You've done great and look great, keep going

    1. Thanks Lauren :) was a bit nervous about posting this so thanks for the encouragement! :) xx

  2. A really super post, Rosie! I don't know you, but I'm proud of what you've accomplished. Well done, you deserve every new item of clothing you buy. xx

    1. Ah, that is so sweet! Thank you. Although the 'nothing fits' excuse is now starting to run dry, with an overflowing wardrobe! Ah well ;-) x

  3. Wow you look great! I'm finding it hard to get motivatedat the minute but this has helped! Xx
    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. Wow you've done so well! I'm really envious of your routine; I love exercising but with my full time job, YouTube channel and blog I really struggle to fit it in. However I love my Hour of Power, Pilates and also Pump! x

  5. Wow well done! You look amazing and i bet you feel it too xx B

  6. Wow well done! You look amazing and i bet you feel it too xx B

  7. Well done! Your story is so similar to mine, including the more relaxed approach to diet and exercising 6-7 times a week. Good luck with your future goals x


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