Olivia Burton Hackney watch

My gorgeous, wonderful, lovely boyfriend treated me to an absolutely beautiful watch for my birthday, and it's just too pretty not to share. I'd somehow overlooked Olivia Burton before, and it was only a few days before my 24th, I discovered the brand on Instagram. A cheeky hint of a heart-eye emoji comment on one of the pictures, and next thing I knew, I'm unwrapping one! What a babe.

Mine's the Hackney watch in mink and rose gold. It's got quite a smaller face than lots of the other Olivia Burton watches, which I love as it's very dainty and feminine. The rose gold hardware is just beautiful - rose gold is my favourite metal - and the soft leather strap in a creamy mink colour will go with absolutely everything, dressed up or down. Initially it was the lovely candy coloured straps on the Olivia Burton Instagram feed (a MUST follow, by the way) that drew me in, but I'm so pleased I ended up with a neutral colour - although, I am scared of getting it dirty! It's a very classic, elegant design that I can imagine wearing for years to come. 

One last thing I must mention, is how affordable these watches are. I was expecting them to be way over the £100 mark, but ranging between £60-£80, I think it's incredible value for such a high quality watch that looks and feels designer. 





  1. Beautiful watch! x


  2. Oh my goodness that is so beautiful and definitely one of the prettiest Olivia Burton watches I've seen as although I really love the brand I do find some of them a little too big. Your boyfriend did seriously well there!!

    Love Holly x


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