MAC Honeylove Matte Lipstick

Let me introduce you to my go-to lipstick of the moment. It’s a matte finish from MAC, in the shade ‘Honeylove’. I showed it to you in my Spring make-up bag, but thought we should take a bit of a closer look, don’t you think? Initially I was after Velvet Teddy, the brownish nude matte of Kylie Jenner fame, though of course it was sold out. So Honeylove was the closest match and – as it turns out – a much better choice for my pale skin tone. I’d describe the colour as a very light brownish beige with a hint of pinky-peach.

This is my first experience with a matte lipstick (not counting the Collection Cream Puffs that I was obsessed with a few years ago and were more of a paint than a lipstick) and it’s a pleasant one. I was expecting it to be quite dry, but it’s actually a lovely creamy consistency that glides across the lips and gives an almost airbrushed finish. On the downside though, it does tend to show up any dry patches on the lips so an exfoliate before applying is a good idea.

I love the versatility of this shade. I tend to dab it on in the daytime for a polished, natural look, teamed with bronzed cheekbones and neutral eyeshadow. But at night-time, with heavy eye make up, it gives a really glamorous sultry look. I'm loving the matte finish that's so on trend at the moment, but when I do fancy a bit of a sheen, I've been applying the gorgeous Lanolips Banana Balm over the top.

(Also, just a quick shout out to the MAC Customer Services team here! The lipstick I bought in store snapped and fell out onto the carpet after just ten days - total devastation! But just a quick email to MAC and they sent me a replacement straight away - no fuss, no hassle. Best customer service I've had in a while!)



  1. Love this shade, it looks so pretty on you! Can't believe how amazing MAC customer service were as well :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  2. I already have one and I definitely love the colour! It's already one of my favourite Mac lipsticks :)xx

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