She-Nail... daisy nail art

Ok, so how cute are my nails? Answer: they're super duper cute. Fellow Brightonian and mega-talented nail artist Poppie Sharman can decorate nails with just about any design your heart desiers, so to welcome in the Spring, I got daisies painted on mine. I took inspiration from my favourite perfume bottle, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, and I'm majorly in love with the finished results!

I must've walked past the Dental Health Spa on Queens Road a hundred times without paying it a second glance, but turns out, that it actually hides way more exciting stuff than just a dentist. It's a health and beauty hub where you'll find a hairdressers, cosmetic dentistry, tattoo removal, fitness pods and Brighton's newest nail art salon, She-Nail.

Poppie opened She-Nail just a few months ago, to bring her four years of experience as a nail artist for Wah Nails to Brighton in a more accessible and approachable kinda way. Whereas Wah Nails are very "London" with an urban, hip-hop vibe, She-Nail aims to tap into the more bohemian, cosmopolitan vibes that Poppie feels represent our lovely hometown by the sea. She rents a small room within Dental Health Spa (which is soon to be rebranded as "The Spa" to cover all the other things going on inside) which is decked out beautifully with handmade (by Poppie) garlands and vintage printing trays used to display her nail polishes. 

As well as being a nail art genius, Poppie is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. She's ever so welcoming and friendly, and we were chatting away like we'd known each other for ages! I feel like I've made a new friend!

Check out Poppie's website and instagram to see more examples of her work and price list.


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