MatchBags... my new pink purse

Are there many things more wonderful than the feeling of pulling a gorgeous new purse out of your handbag? It certainly cheers up the task of running to the corner shop for a pint of milk, and I’m all up for finding those little ways to make my day that bit better. 

My beautiful new purse* is from MatchBags in Brighton, the bag and shoe boutique below MatchNails that I visited a few weeks ago (see here). The quality of my purse is up there with the likes of Mulberry and Chanel (not that I have too much experience in handling such things, sadly), which is unsurprising really, as it was made in the very same factory in Florence that manufactures the world’s top 50 designer labels. It’s made from 100% genuine Italian leather, and like all of the gorgeous bags and shoes available at MatchBags, was designed and manufactured alongside some of the world’s top designer brands. But because their bags are unbranded, you’re picking up designer style, quality and craftsmanship, for just a fraction of what you’d pay for a designer label. 

This gorgeous woven design is available in a rainbow of colours, from classic black or tan to bright yellow or cobalt blue, in both matte and metallic leather options. Mine’s the metallic pink –  a beautiful, dusky rose gold. Whereas pink items can often look a bit tacky or little-girly, this shade is a grown-up take on pink – subtle and sophisticated. The purse is big enough to keep everything you’ll never need; with a zipped coin purse in the middle, nine card slots, four sections for notes/receipts etc and a extra little pocket that’s handy for keeping things like earrings or buttons safe. It’s even got room to pop your phone and a lipstick in, meaning it could double up as a clutch bag!

If you’ve been using the same old Primark purse for a while, go and treat yourself to a new one, and add a bit of cheer into your day. It'll make you feel amazing, I promise.



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    1. Thank you! Did you see the other colours? I love the bronze one too! X

  2. Beautiful! Although working for Mulberry, I might disagree ;)

  3. What a gorgeous colour! This is gorgeous
    Chambray & Curls

  4. That purse is so pretty, I love it!

    Sophie x


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