Love Me Knot... Corioliss Detangling Brush

I've been a Tangle Teezer convert for a good few years now, due to their magical ability to turn my chaotic knotted mane into smooth and shiny locks. But I've always struggled with the lack of a handle - countless times its slipped out of my hand and gone flying across the room. The solution? The Corioliss Detangle Brush. It's like a Tangle Teezer, with a handle! My prayers have been answered. 

So as you can see, the design is pretty ace. I'm a sucker for anything nautical, so this, with the nautical rope knots and navy and gold, was an instant hit with me. Much better than a boring old black hairbrush. 

But how does it perform? Well, the bristles themselves look and feel identical to those of a T.T, so expect the detangling to be quick, effective and pain-free. The Love Me Knot brush easily glides through the hair, tackling any knots and tangles as it goes, without dragging or getting stuck in the knots. 

But what has made me rank the Corioliss Detangling Brush above the trusty T.T, (aside from the pattern that I am totally smitten with) is the chunky, ergonomic handle that makes brushing even easier, and significantly reduces the risk of hairbrushes flying across the room and having to get up to fetch it (or, think "that'll do" and leaving my hair half brushed). It's also slightly cheaper in comparison, which is a bonus, and Corioliss is a Brighton born and based brand, which gets them extra brownie points from me. 


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