Match Nails... Duke Street, Brighton

Bags, shoes and manicures, all under one roof. Dreamy, am I right? But it's not a dream, MatchBags on Dukes Street in Central Brighton is a three storey girly haven, offering designer-quality bags on the ground floor, Italian leather shoes upstairs, and an OPI nail salon, MatchNails in the attic. 

MatchNails is possibly one of the nicest salons I've ever been in, certainly the nicest I've been to in Brighton. (The Beauty Shed is in Hove, so I'm allowed to have two favourites.) The white and lilac walls and big gold Buddha statue in the large, bright window make for a really calming atmosphere. With white leather massage pedicure chairs facing a cosy contemporary fireplace and a manicure station with luxurious leather benches, it's a beautiful setting in which to unwind. 

There's a short and simple list of mini, basic and delux manicure and pedicure services on offer, all using OPI products, with a choice of either classic or gel polishes. By offering solely nail services, I feel the salon establishes itself as nail specialists, the go-to place for a beautiful manicure in Brighton. 

I arrived for my appointment* after a bloggers brunch at Carluccios, where I'd been eyeing up Sophie's OPI gel mani that she'd had done at MatchNails earlier in the week. It looked so glossy and lovely I was tempted to follow suit- but last time I got gels it ended in disaster. I couldn't resist picking them off when they started to chip and ended up damaging my natural nail. Bearing this in mind, I decided to be sensible and go for a classic, basic mani.  

There must have been over 100 OPI shades to choose from (including about 25 gel polishes which is a pretty good range of choices in my experience). I opted for the classic OPI Red (trust me I go for the ONLY one without a fun name) which is actually more of a pinky toned red, but really unique and a bit less punchy than your classic bright red polish. Having spent the day before cleaning the house from top to bottom, my hands and nails were in a bad way, but Verity sorted them right out with a file and reshape, cuticle work and a lovely hand massage. We were too busy chatting for me to take note of the topcoat she used, but I must get hold of a bottle- it gives such a shiny finish! 

I collected my first stamp on my loyalty card (five stamps = a free treatment) and I'll definitely be going back to try out those massage pedicure chairs, and to have another pop at a gel manicure when I go on holiday! 



  1. Such a lovely place isn't it! I do love a good classic red though, looks lovely :)

    Sophie x


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