Lovely Lanolips

Lanolips is a new brand to me, but already becoming a firm favourite. The range of lip, hand and body care products made from lanolin (a natural, highly moisturising substance found in sheep's wool) have a lovely heart-warming story behind them (which you can read here).

I was suckered in by Lanolips' gorgeous branding and packaging (the pretty pastel colours, cute sheep logo and whimsical product sketches on the boxes caught my eye), but the luxurious and hardworking product is what turned me into a bonafide LanoLover. Here's a run through of my Lanolips collection... (so far)

The Golden Ointment brings three super-ingredients and endless potential uses into one lovely multi-purpose balm. Combining Lanolips' unique Ultra Pure Medical Grade Lanolin with natures wonder products, Manuka Honey and Vitamin E, Golden Ointment provides intense moisture for extremely rough and dry skin. The uses are countless - from treating nappy rash, soothing sunburn, and even healing cuts and grazes. I've been using it to rehydrate my dry elbows and nourish rough cuticles - and due to it's waxy consistency, even to tame the stray flyaway hair!
This is the Limited Edition tin, but it comes in an ordinary tube too, that you can find here.

A 3-in-1 luxury lip balm that provides protection, conditioning and the prettiest lustre finish. The balm has a velvety texture that feels wonderful on application and leaves long lasting comfort on the lips. Made with banana extract, it's loaded with potassium, vitamins, antioxidants and other goodies that'll make your lips ever so soft, but also has the most delicious smell - just like the foam banana pick'n'mix sweets! The one downfall is that I find the product quite hard to squeeze out of the tube, but irrelevant, as the velvety feel and beautiful lustrous gloss places Banana Balm in my top ten beauty products of all time.

Made from milk, vitamin e, and of course lanolin, the Buttermilk Body Balm drenches your skin in luxury. It's a really rich and creamy consistency that feels like an ultimate indulgence, a notion (I think) brought on by the super softening and nurturing milk extracts. The balm leaves a silky veil over the body that gradually absorbs, providing hours of nourished, soft skin. I particularly love to treat my feet to a Buttermilk foot massage at before bed, followed by a slipping into a pair of fluffy socks. The best ingredients for a perfect night's sleep!

Have you tried any Lanolips products? What shall I add to my collection next? 



  1. Lanolip's is such a lovely and luscious brand! ^ ^

  2. I love Lanolips, their lip products are so good!

    Sophie x

  3. I feel like I'm the only one who's never heard of this brand but it seems like I'm missing out! The products look lovely x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

    1. They are lovely- treat yourself to the Banana Balm! X

  4. I want to by them, they look like they work from the pics, haha! Nice simple packaging and if you say they are great, I am in!


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