Beauty Treats for Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, February 14th is upon us and it's fast approaching. But whatever your plans or relationship status, I see Valentine's Day as a totally valid excuse to show yourself a bit of love and indulge in some pampering - whether for the benefit of yourself or somebody else! With a weakness for rose scented skincare and anything pink and pretty, it's unsurprising that some of my favourite products are very apt for this time of year. Here's what I think you should get your mitts on this Valentine's...

Super soft skin - Prep your skin to feel silky soft and have a gorgeous glow, using Nourish Radiance Rejuvinating Peptide Serum*. It's packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that'll protect your skin if you're heading out into the cold, but even better, has a gorgeous, delicate rose fragrance that'll leave your skin smelling just lovely.

Kissable lips - Lanolips Lip Ointments* are the ideal Valentine's lip product of choice, because they're super nourishing whilst coming in a range of flirty shades. Made with 60% lanolin, the formula leaves lips soft and smooth, while the highly pigmented gloss gives a sexy polished finish. I've got the shade 'Apples' which transfers to the lips as a subtle, translucent red sheen. I don't feel confident wearing a bold red lip, so this is the perfect alternative for me!

Naughty or nice nails - When it comes to manicures, Valentine's Day marks the break away from winter's deep berry and oxblood shades, and the reintroduction of bright colours. This V. Day I'll be torn between these two Essie beauties. Shall I go sultry and sexy in 'Russian Roulette' - a classic, vibrant red, or cute and girly with 'China Doll' - a pretty, metallic pink?

And while you're spoiling yourself with indulgent treats - you can't possibly forget the chocolate! (What a naughty fitness blogger I am!) Good old M&S have the sweetest (excuse the pun) Valentine's range this year - I particularly love the caramel chocolate 'love bugs'* that come in a little heart shaped tin!



  1. I loved the M&S stuff this year - they were puntastic too! The love bugs are so yummy. Also love the pink nails - I always love the idea of wear lipstick but Joe won't kiss me if I'm wearing it, so not the best V-day make up option!

  2. The love bugs from M&S are so adorable!
    I was just heading to the stores to get some deep red nail varnish... thanks for the tips.


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