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I'm a bit late to the party here, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'd been planning on kicking off 2015 on Everything's Rosie with an exciting announcement - I'm going to be dipping my toes into the realm of health and fitness blogging! But, I've been lazy with the blog as I've been busy down the gym - so let's skip the awkward, 'too late for New Years Resolutions Posts' post and just jump straight in with a very apt introduction to Everything's Rosie's new addition - a little look inside the January 2015 Birchbox.

I'm not a Birchbox subscriber, but couldn't resist their collaboration with my favourite magazine, Women's Health. The theme of the box is 'Hit Refesh' - which is exactly what I needed to do after a very lazy and over-indulgent Christmas... which started around Halloween. Oops.

Inside, there's a little booklet full of twelve challenges that'll help you hit your refresh button. From sneaking in a little extra cardio, to getting a better night's sleep, to sorting out your skincare regime - it's a like little checklist of things to do to get your healthy routine back on track after all the festive chaos.

The theme continues with the products, most of which will make great additions to my gym bag. 

1. First up, the ActivBod 'Feel Great' Shower Gel which, as the name suggests, is targeted towards gym go-ers. I go to the gym in the mornings - so with its 'invigorating blend of sea minerals and green tea extract', this is great for perking me up to face the rest of the day. 

2. Next, is a cooling lotion from Shaveworks, which is designed to calm the irritations of shaving. But, in line with the theme of the box, I've been using it to soothe any soreness and redness after a workout.

3. A detangle spray is a must in my gym bag as my hair is a tangly knotty nightmare. This Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle spray works wonders at calming the sweat-induced frizz and nourishing the dryness caused by the air-con. Plus it smells amazing - seriously, no need for perfume!

4. One of my favourites in the box was the Stila Lip Glaze in the shade Gleam - a barely-there gloss with a subtle hint of glitter. I do like wearing a lip balm in the gym but this is far too sticky, but it sure is pretty for afterwards!

5. Next up is tonight's beauty treat - a sample of REN Glycoactic Radiance Renewal Mask. My skin is looking a bit dull and blemishy at the moment, so I'm looking forward to renewing it's radiance with this 'fast-working exfoliating treatment that improves texture, tone and combats conjestion'. Sounds ideal.

6. My other favourite thing in the box was the pilates band. I've been playing with it whilst watching TV (mainly to distract myself from wanting chocolate). This arm workout video almost killed me! It's harder than it looks!

7. Lastly, there's a sachet of Embrace Matcha Green Tea. I'd discovered the incredible health benefits of Matcha last year, so looking forward to whipping up some metabolism boosting smoothies with this!

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What did you get in the January box? 



  1. Oooh what trainers are those, I like them!

    Sophie x

    1. I can't remember what they're called, got em from sports direct and they're like the barefoot sole ones! Nice and light but not great for running. Xx

  2. Love this colab! I love Millie on the front of Womans health xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I've been debating subscribing to birchbox for some time now it looks lovely. Love your workout trainers!

    B x

    1. I'm not sure about birch box in general to be honest! I just loved the concept of this month's box but I won't be becoming a monthly subscriber! Xx


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