A treat for winter skin....Trilogy Softening Lotion

The first snow of the year has now arrived in Brighton, and while that may be one of the prettier sights of winter, my skin most certainly is not. 

This year my skin seems to be suffering the cold worse than ever before, and at the end of a long day, my face feels tight, dehydrated and dry. But thankfully, one product in particular is offering some serious skin salvation: Trilogy Age Proof Hydra-Tone Softening Lotion*.

It's time to chuck out your toner girls - softening lotions are set to be the next big thing in skincare. But thankfully, without introducing yet another step in your skincare routine. (Cleanser, toner, serum, moisteriser - it's all too much!). The Trilogy softening lotion does all the work of my old toner - removes deep dirt and stubborn eye make up left behind after cleansing - whilst intensely conditioning and hydrating my skin, welcoming a far softer and smoother complexion. 

Trilogy's offering is the first softening lotion I've ever used - and I'm converted. It's a thick gel/lotion which feels like you're applying liquid satin onto the skin and it smells fresh and delicate thanks to the ylang ylang, white tea and marshmallow ingredients. It feels like a really luxurious product to use and leaves your skin feeling clean, saturated with goodness and with a super smooth satiny texture. 

I love to use the Trilogy Softening Lotion before bed as part of my nightly wind down. The relaxing scent, and cooling, calming sensation of sweeping this rich moisturising gel over my skin is enough to send all the stress of the day away. You could easily get away without following up with a moisturiser, as I find the softening lotion adds plenty of nourishment to the skin, but for a real treat I like to finish off with my favourite Korres Wild Rose Brightening Cream which is really rich, thick and creamy. A dream team to combat tired, January skin!



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