Rosie & Fifi's Christmassy Girls Night In

What nicer way to celebrate Christmas than with a cosy girly night in with one of your BFFs?! When Debenhams asked if I'd like to host a Christmas themed sleepover for myself and a blogging buddy, I immediately flooded Fiona's inbox with excitable texts. 

A few weeks later, she was spammed with more even more excitable texts from me, as two huge boxes of sleepover goodies from Debenhams had been delivered. There were all the essentials for the perfect girls night - face masks, OPI nail polish, a Disney soundtrack and sweet treats, as well as some rather festive mugs and a teapot, some comfy cushions and the best part - two incredibly cosy onesies! Fifi looked adorable dressed as a little figgy pudding! Wheras I chose a less festive fox onesie as I knew I wouldn't be getting out of it again until at least March (and so far, I haven't!) It's got little furry paws on the sleeves, a fur lined hood with ears, and thumb holes!

When Fifi arrived at my house, I took her onesie to the front door and made her put it on before she could enter! Then we stuck the Disney tunes on, put the kettle on, and delved into our box of goodies!  We gave each other festive red manicures and worked our way through a tin of Christmas cookies, a box of thorntons chocolates and endless cups of mint, orange AND white hot chocolate, topped with cream and mini marshmallows. I felt sick for about three days after, but it was so worth it. Yum!

After managing to roll off the sofa, we called it a night and Fiona headed home on the train, with her figgy pudding onesie still on! 

Merry Christmas from Rosie & Fifi McGee! x



  1. Looks like so much fun! Love the onesies! :') x

  2. This looks like such a lovely evening xx

    Abi |

  3. Ah you two are so ridiculously cute! Merry Christmas Rosie
    Chambray & Curls

  4. I loved every single minute of this! Hands down the best way to celebrate a christmas :)

    Merry Christmas Miss Crompton :)


  5. Looks like a lovely evening! Hope you had a lovely evening and a Merry Christmas to both of you!

    Rachael x
    | November Storms |

  6. Amazing! How cute do you both look in your onesies? Sounds like the perfect evening.

    Lyndsay xx


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