Personal Shopping @ Topshop Brighton

After years of rumours, we had all given up hope of a decent sized Topshop opening it's doors in Brighton. But last month, it finally happened. The new, massive, Topshop super store opened, and I was invited along one evening to check it out and test drive their personal shopping service.First of all, the store. It's bloody massive. Compared to the teeny corner shop sized topshop that us Brightionians had to put up with before, it has absolutely everything. A whole wall dedicated to shoes, a whole corner about the size of the previous store dedicated entirely to accessories, a petite section, partywear, outerwear and a denim section. And the topman area upstairs is just as big. The store has a special personal shopping area, where my appointment took place. I was shown through to my very own dressing room and introduced to my stylist Carla (who writes her own blog over at After a quick selfie (too horrific to show you, she's tall, slim and gorgeous and makes me look like a hobbit in comparison) Carla asked about my style.I told her that I liked classic, simple and girly, but as I had dropped two dress sizes I was keen to break out of my comfort zone and try some new things.Carla went off to pick me out some pieces, and returned with some things that I would NEVER have picked out myself. I had said I wanted to try new things! I tried it all on, and although it wasn't all to my taste, she had picked out some pieces that really suited my shape, like the orange floral shorts and top co-ords. It was a good experience to experiment with things I wouldn't go for myself, verify that some things simply weren't my style, but also discover some things that actually suited me!I'd also asked Carla to help me pick out the perfect pair of jeans. Classic, timeless, dark wash, comfortable, not too thick or too thin. She brought me just one pair to try on, and had hit the nail on the head. The Leigh Vintage Wash are exactly what I wanted! The best part? The personal shopping experience is totally free, and you're not obliged to spend anything. It's a fab way to shake up your style if you're stuck in a rut, or just to see what you discover when someone else is left in charge of dressing you!After my appointment I headed down stairs to see what else caught my eye, and...well I returned home with two bags full! I've already posted one of my outfits (here) and will be no doubt showcasing the rest of my haul on the blog at some point! 



  1. I love the Topshop personal shopping service, and agh the new Brighton store is AMAZING.

    Sophie x

  2. I've never tried a personal shopping experience but it sounds like a really enjoyable experience, and like you said good if you are stuck in a rut or want to try something new! xx

    Abi |

  3. I can't believe this service is free! Although I would feel bad making someone go to all that effort for me and then I'd feel obliged to buy something! And ohhhhh the new store is amazing! x

    Laura // Lola and Behold

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