My Favourite Products For After A Workout

Although I'm sitting here, blogging in my onesie (eating a chocolate biscuit) instead of at the gym, I've become somewhat of a gym bunny over the past year! But spending hours sweating out in an air-conditioned gym can take it's toll - so along with getting into fitness, I've also become interested in finding products that can make you feel pampered and pretty again, when you're a ruined, red-faced, aching, sweaty mess.

To tend to the horribly sore friction burns I get under my arms from running for long periods of time, I always keep some heavy duty moisteriser close by for after a gym session, and Lotil Cream* is the ideal choice. It's a multi-purpose wonder product that can be used to fix just about anything from insect stings to sunburn, but for me, it's a post-workout essential. A little bit of Lotil soothes the soreness on my arms and also speeds up the healing process. It's also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anticeptic - ideal for after you've been using gross sweaty equipment!

If I haven't sweated profusely and I'm in a rush to get on with the rest of my day, I'll skip a hair wash and reach for Lush 'No Drought' Dry Shampoo, which has a lovely, zesty, lime and grapefruit scent. It's quite a messy job as it's a loose powder, but any spillage easily rubs of clothes (or, in hindsight, I should probably use it before getting dressed!) and it instantly absorbs excess oil, freshens up my roots and adds some SERIOUS volume - in fact, I often use it on clean hair as a volumiser too.

Probably my ultimate essential for after excersise is Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel.* It's an absolute lifesaver for sore, overworked muscles. It acts like a Deep Heat rub, but with the much nicer scent of rosemary, black pepper, ginger and - most noticably - lavender, which is really relaxing. Used straight after a long run or a hard BodyPump class, I think it helps prevent any muscle soreness from coming on (either that, or I haven't worked as hard as I thought I had!) or it can be used on already aching joints and muscles, to help relieve the pain.

I couldn't live without Avene Thermal Spring Water* in my gym bag, for both before and after a workout. A quick spritz before my early morning gym sessions wakes me up and gets rid of any tightness in my face, and afterwards it refreshes and rejuvinates my skin.  It might just look like a can of water, but it's spent more than fourty years trickling through the mountains in the French village of Avene, becoming infused with skin-loving minerals, before it reaches you. It's cooling, hydrating, soothing, calms redness, and restores the skin's natural balance - just about everything your skin needs after a sweat out!

What products do you swear by for after a tough workout?



  1. Blistex Med+ for lips when running in cold weather or harsh winds!


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