Lashes by Irene

I wasn't blessed with lovely long lashes. Mine are short and straight - even the best mascaras don't improve them much, and don't even talk to me about eyelash curlers.

I'd really wanted to get eyelash extensions since my sister-in-law wowed me with her beautiful long, curled and natural looking lashes, until she told me she'd paid £80 to get them put on and a further £30 every 2-3 weeks for infills. But then I found Lashes by Irene. Irene does affordable eyelash extensions (amongst other beauty treatments) at her home salon in Brighton and asks for just £35 for a full set of premium silk lashes and £20 for infills.

Irene is just lovely, she is so welcoming and takes great pride in her work, laboriously adding lashes for two hours until she knew they looked perfect. Her home is really relaxing, she sets up a treatment bed, had music on and aromatherapy oils scenting the room.

The finished look gives me long, lucious lashes that look and feel natural. There's no need for mascara (in the pictures I am only wearing mascara on my bottom lashes) and I am absolutely loving waking up in the morning being half made up already!

The treatment* takes a long time, but boy is it worth it! I've already booked in for my refills in time for Christmas and I can't stop fluttering my eyelashes!



  1. Oh wow your lashes look amazing, so fluttery!

    Sophie x

  2. Your eyes look beautiful! I'm the same as you, blessed with short/straight lashes! I really want lash extensions just need to find the perfect deal in my area xx

    Abi |

  3. These lashes are so pretty, absolutely adore them!


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