Collection Galactica Lip Butters

Along with a new month comes a new addition (or two) to the make up bag, and for November, I said hello to three lip butters* from Collection's new Galactica range. What could be more perfect for the month in which the sky sparkles, than a shimmery, metallic lip?

Initially though, I wasn't convinced. Although they've re-branded, Collection (formerly Collection 2000) reminds me of my school days and some pretty horrific make up mishaps. Concealer lips...You know we all did it! The names of the shades - Cosmic Candy, Pink Punch and Moon Rock, didn't seem too sophisticated either. And the name of the range, Galactica, scared me... metallic cosmetics in general just make me anxious.

But how wrong I was. The finish of the crayons is just beautiful and hits the metallic trend on the head. With a subtle hint of shimmer, it nods towards the looks seen on the AW14 catwalks, without looking like you superglued some tin foil to your face. Rather than the galactic space lady look I was bracing myself for, I was pleasantly surprised with a pretty, sophisticated and wearable take on this season's metallics.

The texture of the pencils is also gorgeous - they're certainly worthy of being named a lip butter. The product glides on without any dragging sensation and combats dried out lips with a creamy, moisturising consistency. Ideal for this horrible cold weather!

The Galactica Lip Butters come in three colours: a vibrant magenta (Pink Punch), a pretty peony pink (Cosmic Candy) and my favourite - a nudey rose gold shade (Moon Rock). The latter I've been wearing pretty much on a daily basis. Me, wearing metallic make up, in the day time. Who'd have thought it?!

What are your feelings on this season's metallic make up?



  1. These sound gorgeous! I'm not a big metallics fan but the subtlety of these shades looks perfect for me x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. ooo i've never gone for metallic lip shades before but these look good and the colours are gorge! x

  3. Great review Miss Rosie.. how I wish this could be friendly with me and will never make my lips crack..


  4. These are lovely, can't believe they are Collection (2000!). Oh, and I totally did concealer lips, cringe!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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