A proper Sunday

Today was what Sunday's are supposed to be.

The morning consisted of a pot of proper coffee, a fry up, and curling up on the sofa under a blanket to watch a couple of episodes of Homeland.

Then we bundled up and headed out for a walk across the South Downs with a thermos of hot tea and a pack of chocolate digestives... which were very much needed by the time we'd clambered up to the top of the hill. I absolutely love days like today - cold, fresh and sunny and full of lovely beautiful colours.

No proper Sunday would be complete without a proper roast, washed down with a couple glasses of red and followed by a generous helping of homemade salted caramel apple crumble - the desert dreams are made of. I followed the recipe from Nouvelle Daily, and I've got to say - it's the best thing I've ever made/eaten....warming cinnamon apples, gooey caramelised crumble with a salty twist... pure heaven.

Now I'm back to where I started this morning, snuggled up on the sofa, waiting for Downton to start, and blogging as I've totally lost interest in The X Factor this year! Mel B is so annoying and it's become more about the judges banter than the contestants. Put Rylan on the panel I say! Can you imagine his reaction each time he lost a contestant? Hahaha.

What have you spent this Sunday doing?



  1. Lovely post, looks like a perfect day :)

    Camille xo


  2. This sounds like utter bliss Rosie! I think weekends feel so special at this time of year, I like hibernating :)
    Chambray & Curls

  3. I love a good walk in the country! Did the same myself this weekend! It just blows the cobwebs away and makes you feel so so cheery! I am so jealous of your roast and that dessert....mmmm!! Love your photos btw! :)

    Lou x

  4. Aw sounds like such a lovely day - the walk looks gorgeous! My Sunday was very similar except I didn't leave the couch - it has been a manic few weeks and that was the first day I managed to stop! Though I did clean the fridge to get some girlfriend brownie points. That salted caramel looks amazing, I will be making! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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