IKEA 'INGO' Table Makeover

You know you're a proper adult when your idea of a fun day out is a trip to IKEA - complete with Swedish meatballs and a bag of mini Dime bars of course. But as much as I love walking through their stunning show rooms - in reality, some of their furniture is majorly lacking in character. 

On a mission for a cheap dining table to fit in the bay window, I came home with 'INGO' - a simple pine table but with absolutely nothing special about it whatsoever. I bought it with the intention of doing something to it, but wasn't sure exactly what, until we went out for dinner at the Al Campo Lounge on London Road. Their upcycled tables had their legs painted in different colours, with rustic looking pine tabletops, and so became my inspiration. 

As the table is made from untreated wood, it didn't require any sanding so I could get stuck straight in. All I did was stain the table top with some wood dye (in the shade 'Georgian') and then paint the legs with a tester pot of 'Antique Cream' emulsion. Once the top was dry, I went over the stained wood with some clear beeswax to give it a gloss finish. And voila! Doesn't it look fab?! I think it looks so expensive and wouldn't look out of place in a Habitat showroom with a £100+ price tag. 

I was planning on giving the table a shabby chic finish by roughing it up a bit and hammering in some old nails, but I decided not to just yet. I really like the simplicity of it, the rich, shiny top mismatched with the cream, matt legs. 



  1. Great idea, I really like it!

    Sophie x

  2. It's crazy what a bit of paint can do. I love how expensive two tone tables look. Please don't hammer nails in it, it looks so lovely as it is!

    Lindsey. x

  3. That's so lovely! Do you watch Great Interior Design Projects? It reminds me of the upcycles they do on there. Lots of inspiration - particularly for soft furnishings. If only I could sew...


  4. Hey,

    Just stumbled upon this as I have had the exact same idea and you have made it sound so simple that I think I'll give it a try!

    I am very messy and have never painted furniture before... how difficult would you say this was?



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