Pizza Express, Jubilee Street

Although Brighton is jam packed full of cute and quirky places to eat, sometimes you just can't beat a good old Pizza Express. There are about four Pizza Express restaurants in Brighton and Hove, but my favourite is probably the one on Jubilee Street, which has an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs prepare your pizzas in their stylish Breton tees! (I want one!)

We were welcomed by lovely waiter, Mike, (who was ever so friendly!) and seated next to the window, overlooking Jubilee Square. We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some olives to pick on as we looked over the menu. To start, I went for something a little different from my normal order of doughballs, and ordered the Bruschetta Orginale - topped with fresh tomatoes, red onion, basil and pesto. It was so good I decided to carry on with trying something new when it came to ordering the mains, and instead of a pizza I had the Calzone Salami e Salsiccia which was basically like a huge Cornish pasty filled with Italian meats, peppers, tomato sauce, spinach and melting mozzarella. It was so filling but too delicious not to finish! Rich went for the 'Pollo Forza' pizza: spicy chicken, chili and roquito peppers. It was HOT! He left a couple of slices, which Mike The Waiter promptly boxed up in a doggy bag and Rich polished off for breakfast...

Despite being absolutely STUFFED! we couldn't resist the dessert menu. In fact, it all looked so nice it was tough making a choice! Eventually, Rich decided on the cheesecake (which looked DIVINE) but I couldn't help being a big kid and choosing the Chocolate Glory - a glass the size of my head filled with chocolatey goodness... Smooth vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and chunks of gooey brownie... Mmmm! Mike The Waiter offered told us that we could have a free coffee with our puddings (which is an offer Pizza Express are doing until the end of September!) but we skipped the coffee and headed next door to Merkaba for cocktails (the Pistachio Mustachio is heavenly, you must try it!).... Before going home to watch an episode of Downton! Rock 'n' roll! 

What's your favourite thing to eat at Pizza Express? 



  1. so true, some times you defiantly cant beat a pizza express. Looking at this at lunch time has made my belly grumble :o)

    over on my blog i am having a real techniques, YSL and barry m giveaway


  2. I love the healtyh pizzas with the salad in the middle - make me feel less guilty lol

    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health


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