Pisces & Pandora

 Do you believe in star signs? I don't, particularly, but Pandora have just launched a Zodiac Wheel  app in celebration of their latest jewellery collection, and it's spookily accurate! The wheel allows you to read up about personality traits and compatibility associated with your star sign, and let's you read your monthly horoscope. I'm a Pisces, and my reading for September looks spot on! But best of all, you can enter the competiton to win a Zodiac Charm from the new Essence Collection. As I love my Pandora moments bracelet, and the birthstone rings, this new collection excites me just a little bit....

The Essence Collection is based around the 'inner self' and as well as Zodiac signs, there are charms to represent spirituality and personality traits like balance, joy, prosperity etc. The Essence Collection is designed for a new, thinner bracelet which, I think, would look amazing layered up next to my Moments charm bracelet. I've got my eye on the silver ball bracelet, to which I'd add the Pisces charm and the joy, passion and spirituality charms.

I'm not generally a massive jewellery person, but I do love special, sentimental pieces of good quality jewellery and love how Pandora allow you to customise and personalise your jewellery so that it means something. Each of the charms I have collected since I received my bracelet for my 18th birthday remind me of a person or moment in my life. 

What's your star sign? Is the Pandora Zodiac Wheel accurate for you? 

*Collaborative post



  1. I love Pandora and star sign stuff, this sounds super fun!

    Sophie x

  2. I'm a Pisces too :) I lie right on the line of Pisces/Aquarius, but the Piscean traits are more me. And I'm dating a Scorpio, so it's working well ;)

  3. I love the plate, it's so cute! I'm a big fan of Pandora, I'll have to have a look :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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