Holiday Snaps from Dorset

I'm suffering from the back to work blues after spending a lovely week away chihuahua-sitting in Dorset. Say hello to Foxy...

and Dexter...

We took them on some lovely walks, my favourite being around the old Iron Age Hill Fort of Badbury Rings, where I found a swing tied to a tree and obviously couldn't resist having a go!   

One day, we took a day trip over the border to Wiltshire, to Stourhead House and Gardens – a stately home set in the most idyllic of gardens. We’ve got a Downton box set obsession at the moment (I’d never seen it before so have watched series 1-3 back to back! The Christmas special and series 4 are in the post to me as I type. Yay) so I loved looking through all the rooms at how people lived in the olden days! My favourite room was the library, filled from floor to ceiling with lovely old leather bound books.
It was a beautiful day for a nice long walk around the gardens, which were like something right out of a fairytale.  Surrounding the huge lake are loads of buildings and structures like an ice house (an old school fridge - big dome in the ground filled with ice and straw to keep food cold) the cutest little gothic cottage which I am ready to move in to, and a ‘grotto’ chamber with beautiful views over the lake. After all this we were starving and stopped for a cream tea.. mmmm.


Other activities included eating ice cream and shopping for sea shells at Poole Quay, eating smores and having a fire on the beach, eating Mexican and drinking mojitos, eating chocolate, eating cookies, eating bagels, eating pretty much anything in sight and watching loads of trash TV. I also bought a nice pink bodycon dress in Oasis, but will have to wait until I’ve undone a week’s worth of eating junk before showing you a picture of that!

What have you been up to?



  1. Gorgeous photos. Looks and sounds like you had a glorious time, those dogs are too cute!

    Sophie x


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