Essie @ The Beauty Shed

Last Friday I enjoyed some well-deserved pampering time at my favourite little salon in Hove. I've had quite a stressful few weeks at work, and barely had time to keep a fresh coat of paint on my nails, so a relaxing manicure and pedicure was just what I needed! The Beauty Shed has just had a load of lovely Essie colours added to their wide range of nail polishes, and choosing a colour was thirsty work! Luckily, Georgie had whipped me up a fresh fruit smoothie to sip on as I tried to make the tricky decision, testing out almost every colour before going for the very first ones I was drawn to (obvs)

On my fingers I had China Doll, a metallic lilac toned pale pink. It initially reminded me of the type of peel-off nail varnish I used to love as a littlun! But once applied, it looks super pretty and sophisticated rather than little girly. For my toes, I picked Rose Bowl- a gorgeously creamy, pinkish red with the shiniest finish. It's the prettiest colour I've had on my nails for a long time, so I'm going to have to make sure a bottle makes its way into my nail polish collection! 

After my mani & pedi, I had a quick browse of the new bits and bobs on sale in The Beauty Shed shop, and was kindly given a little Catseye goody bag filled with a set of cute nail files, kitsch tissues and a slice of homemade chocolate cake from the 2a Cafe which I scoffed on the bus home! 
What are your favourite Essie colours? 



  1. Ahh the beauty shed! I love it there! We should go there together one day, I could do with a pamper sesh!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches


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