Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift

A magic leg cream that promises to banish cellulite and leave your pins looking toned and feeling refreshed –what a load of rubbish, right? Well, I must admit I laughed when my colleague passed me the unwanted sample of Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift* that she’d received and I read that it promised to ‘restore nimbleness’ (what does that even mean?!) improve skin tone and tone and tighten and tone the entire leg.

But after smashing an uphill 6k on the treadmill, I was drawn to slather some on in an attempt to soothe my burning legs. With it's cooling gel-like texture and refreshing lemon scent, the cream got to work instantly by soothing sore and tired muscles. It leaves behind a silky smooth feel and the uplifting 'Capri Crush' scent and it's quickly become my favourite thing about 'leg day'!
I may have been sceptical of it's claims, but a few weeks of using the cream after working out, and I'm starting to actually understand what they meant by "restoring nimbleness". (Turns out I was never very 'nimble' in the first place!) Massaging the cream into tired legs relieves that heavy 'dragging' feeling and has made my legs feel light, bouncy and energised. I feel quicker and sprightlier on my feet, and even if it's just psychological, it's helping me to push myself to run faster and longer.
In terms of its' promises to tackle cellulite and tone your legs, and my legs are far less wobbly than they used to be. I'm not convinced the cream has any part to play in this - more likely the hours of running, squats and lunges, sorry! - but I have noticed a big difference in my skin tone after use. My thighs, in particular, tend to get a little lumpy and blotchy at times, but I've noticed an improved colour and smoother surface on my skin.
It's a lovely, luxurious product that's a dream to use and does deliver some results, but it's not going to magically transform your legs from wobbly to wonderful, and at £60 a pot, it's not a must-have miracle worker. But, if you're an avid runner or suffer from bad circulation or heavy, tired legs - it could be a sensible investment, or if you just fancy splashing out and treating yourself to the ultimate indulgence in leg care!
Would you spend £60 on a luxury leg product? What's your favourite post-gym skincare?
Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift is available to buy from The Treatment Rooms in Brighton, on their website, or from Liberty.



  1. A lovely concise and informative review! I didn't even know such creams existed, to be honest. haha. I'm curious now! A cream that cools down the limbs after a workout and reduces cellulite? If it can reduce the next-day lactic acid burn, then I'm all up for it!

    Personally, the price is a little too steep for body-care. I can live without some added spring to my legs if it meant being £60 richer for face-care. haha.

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary


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