Radiant Orchid Round Up

When the Pantone Colour of the Year was revealed, I never thought I'd get on with it in make-up terms - it's such a strong shade for someone who tends to always play it safe with peaches, pinks and neutrals. However, I learnt that 'Radiant Orchid' doesn't have to just be the one hue: Pantone 18-3224! but, instead can encompass a whole family of lilacy pinks and intense berry shades that are so wearable on any skin tone or hair colour. 

As my obsession for anything Radiant Orchid coloured grows, so has my beauty collection. I've welcomed a new influx of candy lilac and bold fuchsia shades into my make-up bag (and dug out a few unloved pieces for a breath of fresh spring air).

Benefit Lollitint: This candy orchid coloured cheek and lip stain is so wearable, giving a pretty flush of lilacy pink that can be layered up for a powerful pop of colour. After years of struggling to 'get' Benefit tints, I've finally fallen in love with the budge-proof colours, now that I've learnt to apply them properly. By dabbing a tiny bit of product onto a soft, fluffy blusher brush, the tints can be easily buffed into the skin for a subtle, lit-from-within glow with an airbrushed effect. My previous method of dabbing straight onto the cheeks and rubbing it looked so harsh and uneven - no wonder I didn't appreciate the hype! I was surprised at how well the creamy, lilacy pink colour of Lollitint works on me- it just gives a really subtle, natural looking nod towards the Radiant Orchid trend. When applied to the lips, a few coats give a bang on trend, girly shade that ain't going anywhere all day. 

Benefit Hervana: A heavenly swirl of peach, lilac, petal pink and a pearly highlighter, this box of blusher is the ultimate in achieving a pretty, glowing complexion. Applied alone, Hervana will give the most subtle hint of a peachy lilac glow to the cheeks. Great for when you want a minimalist look with just a wash of on trend colour. Applied atop Lollitint, the shades compliment each other to "intensify" the colour- Not so much in terms of brightness, but to add depth, warmth and a gorgeous shimmer. 

Bare Minerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheer, Berry Remix: If you didn't catch my review of these ultra nourishing, ultra glossy lip balms, click here to read more and see swatches. When working the Radiant Orchid trend in the day time, Berry Remix is a godsend as the sheer coverage gives low-key lip colour. But, layered over Lollitint, Berry Remix adds shine, nourishment, and a more comfortable silky feel to the lips. Lollitint is great in terms build-able pigmentation and longevity, but can be drying and lacklustre. These two products work in perfect harmony to create the ideal Orchid lip. 

Mac Lustre lipstick, Milan Mode: I've rediscovered this oldie but goodie from the depths of my dresser drawer. Milan Mode is a hot fuschia pink, but it's blueish undertones can qualify it to be included in the Radiant Orchid family. It's far bolder than the aforementioned products, with a more intense colour payoff and sparkle. As we know, I fear a bold lip, so a bright coloured Lustre lipstick is about as far as I'll go. The semi-sheer formula provides a decent and obvious pop of colour, which will build up quite bright, but it'll never be an in-your-face, solid block colour. Phew. 

Not too much to say here as you can pop over to my Nail Files section to see individual reviews and swatches of my favourite Radiant Orchid nail shades: Deborah Lipmann; Between The Sheets and Butter London; Molly Coddled. Pretty much all I've been using on my fingers and toes recently and worthy of being included in this round up, even if for pretty photo value alone. Some other shades you may want to check out are Essie; Splash of Grenadine (had this at a salon once, bloody gorgeous), Pop Beauty; Pansy Purple (this has vanished from my collection SOB! Who stole it?! Was it you, Fifi McGee?!) or for a much more sophisticated take that I think my Mum would love- OPI; Significant Other. 

Have you delved into this trend yet? What's your favourite Radiant Orchid make up recommendations? 



  1. Gorgeous choices, love the look of those lip products!

    Sophie x

  2. Oh my I want that Butter London polish very badly. Lilac-ey nails are always such a favourite of mine

    Chambray & Curls /

  3. This is such a lovely shade, I want it all!! Xx

  4. That Benefit Hervana blush looks lovely! I do love the radiant orchid colour, but i'm the same as you in that I usually stick to nudes and earth tones.. i'll have to do a little experimenting with colour ;)

    Keira | Little Law
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