Urban Decay Naked Basics: how to make the most of your palette

Sometimes, the best things really do come in small packages. The baby sister of the cult Naked palettes may be dinky, but the stripped back and streamlined Basics palette is capable of big things. It's six essential matte shades can create countless looks - from fresh faced minimalism to sexy smoky eyes. The no frills approach means you won't find any sparkles or metallics, just basic fail-safe shades that are guaranteed to blend seamlessly to create the perfect eye make-up for any occasion. 

Here's the palette low down: 
VENUS: opalescent off-white shimmer
FOXY: pale yellow-toned cream matte
WALK OF SHAME: pale pink-nude shell matte
NAKED 2: soft taupe matte
FAINT: warm mid-brown matte
CRAVE: almost black with very slight shimmer

Playing around with the palette can create endless possibilities, and here are just some of my favourite ways to mix and match the six shades... barely there, bright eyes, classic and smokey.

This minimalist look is ideal for those days when you want to look like you haven't made an effort. I simply swept foxy across the lid and up to the brow bone, with a touch of naked 2 in the crease for a bit of depth and definition. Add a coat of mascara, pair with nude glossy lips and bed hair and you're good to go.

This one is great for disguising tired eyes and faking a fresh, bright eyed look. I used the palette's only shimmer, venus, on the brow bone and in the inner corner of my eye, and blended a mix of foxy and w.o.s over the lid. Then with the ecotools highlighting eye brush (fluffy and sparse bristles) I dusted another light coat of venus over the whole eye to blend it all together, and with a small angled brush, took it under the eye. I also lined my waterline with the shimmery end of my Youngblood Eye Illuminating Duo.

This is my favourite, daily go-to look - classic shadow with cat eye flick. For this one I start by sweeping naked 2 across the entire lid for a darker, velvety base. Then I add depth by pressing faint into the crease and outer corner, and highlight with w.o.s in the inner corner and brow bone - which blends all the shades together. With a small, angled brush, I take a bit of crave under my waterline, then I use a liquid liner to create the flick. To finish off the look, I like to use a tiny bit of crave on the top lid with a small smudging brush to soften out the look of the liquid liner.

Lastly, a dramatic smokey eye. I like this for chilled night out (dinner and cocktails maybe) where full on glitter and false lashes might be a bit much. I start by dabbing crave into the outer half of my eye and crease. I just press it on with a soft angled eyeshadow brush rather than sweep, so that I can control where it sits. Then I press some mid-brown faint onto the inner half of the lid. Then with a bigger blending brush, I place some naked 2 into the inner corner, and on the brow bone, before blending all the shades together gently. To finish, I use a petite shading brush to add a bit more crave  along the top and bottom lash lines, before adding dramatic liquid eyeliner and mascara. 

If you don't already own the Naked Basics (or have it on your wishlist) I hope I've persuaded you to go and get it immediately. It's a real investment which will remain a core piece of your make-up collection all year round! 

(PS - not sponsored or an affiliate link etc etc, I just think this is a must have palette for every woman in the world!)



  1. Great looks hun! Love all of them especially the smokey eye, very pretty.

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  3. Really enjoyed this post Rosie, I love the look of this basic palette. I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to eyeshadow so I love how you've explained how to create different looks, this has gone straight to the top of my Wishlist :) I've wanted to try a naked palette for ages but could never decide which to go for!
    Love Holly x


  4. Awesome post, Rosie! So many different looks from one palette! I'm so lazy I tend to just do the same thing every time, so I will try a couple of these. Love bright eyes :) xxx

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