Introducing Raw Gaia; natural skincare

I'm becoming increasingly aware of what's in my skincare. I'm trying to stay away from products full of chemicals that I can't pronounce and instead, feed my skin with natural goodness - which is exactly what Raw Gaia's products do. The local Brighton brand are 100% organic, natural, raw, vegan and cruelty-free! I love their brand philosophy - it's all about cherishing your skin by nourishing it for long lasting, natural beauty, rather than slapping on products full of rubbish in the hope of a quick fix. They're devoted to purity and making you feel like a goddess - Gaia is the Greek Goddess of the Earth.

I tried one of their carefully put together skincare Combination Sets - product duos and trios that work together to achieve specific results on different skin types. I went for the nourishing combo for normal skin - made up of Lavender Floral Water and Floral Rejuvenating Cream.

The Lavender Floral Water* is a multi-use product (yay!) which can be used to cleanse, tone, refresh and aid relaxation. I've been using it as a toner (applied via a cotton pad) to soothe my skin after exfoliating, as well as spritzing it onto my neck before bed to help me drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

As much as I quite liked the floral water, I loved the Floral Rejuvenating Cream*...

It's not a conventional cream, but more of a waxy balm that turns into an oil when heated between your hands and applied to the skin. It smells absolutely incredible, kinda like Turkish Delight! The oily consistency feels lovely as you apply it, and unlike other oils I've used that sit greasily on top of the skin, my skin absorbs this instantly (almost like a thirsty plant) leaving behind a gorgeously velvety complexion. It acts well as a primer too, by creating such a smooth base for make-up, and I've noticed my make up staying in place for longer when using the Floral Rejuvenating Cream in my morning skincare routine.

But it works deeper than just giving me lovely soft skin. It's natural ingredients aid skin cell regeneration to improve the appearance of imperfections and promote a bright, healthy glow.

Whether you're fussed about your skincare being natural or not, if you're looking for products that do what they say on the tin (or the pretty, colourful, frosted glass jars), you should try out Raw Gaia and I bet you'll become a convert like I have! 


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