I've gone kale crazy. 

I'm eating it, drinking it, and even applying it to my skin. 

The superfood is packed full of so many nutrients and vitamins that it benefits your body inside and out - from your immune system, to your bones and teeth, to your skin and even your vision. 

But now, kale can be found not only on our kitchen counters but also our cosmetics counters, as the people at Nourish have discovered that the skin benefits of this vitamin-rich vegetable can be 100 times more effective from applying kale extract directly onto the skin. 

On my new, healthy living adventure, kale has become a staple on my weekly shopping list, and part of my daily skincare routine. Here are my favourite ways to get my kale fix, as well as my thoughts on the Nourish Revital-Eyes Kale Biomimetic Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

The combination of creamy avocado and zesty lemon in this warm quinoa salad is a winner! Since starting Slimming World, I'm a massive convert to quinoa as a substitute for pasta, rice and cous-cous as it's full of protein and lower in carbs and calories, but this dish would be amazing with pasta too! 

Kale & Avocado Quinoa takes only about twenty to thirty minutes to make, so is perfect to knock up for a week day evening or Saturday lunch. I usually make a big batch to take to work for lunch, adding the avocado fresh before eating. 

This glass of green goodness is jam packed full of healthy amazingness, and is a quick, easy and tasty way to treat your body to a great big dose of vitamins. I'd always feared putting veggies in a smoothie, but the fruity flavours and peanut butter completely over power the taste of the spinach and kale.

Sometimes, before a workout or if I make this for breakfast ahead of a particularly busy day, I add a teaspoon of Matcha green tea powder to the mix too for an energy and metabolism boost.

Since Kale is packed full of Vitamin A, C and K and a source of lutien (an antioxidant which is good for supporting healthy eyes and vision) it makes sense that kale extract is a key ingredient in Nourish's Revital-Eyes Kale Biomimetic Anti-Ageing Eye Cream*. (what a mouthful!)

I apply the Kale Eye Cream each night before bed to soothe and treat tired and puffy eyes. The cream is a silky and cool consistency that instantly relieves that sore, tired feeling in the under eye area, and melts into the skin, leaving them feeling soothed and pampered. But what about the longer term effects?

 Nourish claim that the Revital-Eyes formula will brighten dark circles, improve the appearance of fine lines and redness, and protect the skin's elasticity. So does it live up to these claims?

Well, as I don't have any fine lines to improve the appearance of, I can't comment (but surely it's a good sign that no wrinkles have yet developed?! I am turning the grand old age of 23 next week!) but I have noticed a huge improvement in those not-so-hideous-anymore under eye circles and the plumpness and softness of the skin under my eyes. The Nourish Revital-Eyes Kale Eye Cream features the use of the light-emitting Tonka Bean to brighten the eye area, and brighten it has! I've always hated the dark bags under my eyes, but since vowing to use an eye cream every day this year, my skin has perked up quite a bit.

What's your favourite superfood? Do you have any yummy kale recipes I should try?



  1. Kale is magic stuff! I can't quite stomach it in smoothies, but I eat so much of it. My favourite way is cooked down with olive oil, mushrooms and garlic and tossed in with some spaghetti/pasta. It's so tasty! That eye cream sounds amazing, I'm after a dark circle banishing miracle at the moment, will have to give it a try!
    Carrie xx



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