What's In My Bag?

It's about time I let you have a nosey into my bag. In over two years of blogging, I must have enjoyed reading about a hundred What's In My Bag posts, yet never done one myself. So here goes...!

My bag at the moment is my new and lovely mini city bag from Zara. I'm usually one for huge big bags but this is surprisingly spacious! I love the fact it has a long strap and short handles and all the compartments are a dream. It even has a padded, iPad sized section in the middle!

But onto my daily essentials...

I really couldn't live without my Filofax*. It's split into four sections which I am constantly scribbling in. In my diary, I keep track of business meetings and deadlines, coffee dates, appointments, blog posts to plan, and, even though I know when they are, I always write down my Zumba classes so I'll feel guilty if I don't go! Then I have a blog planning section where I make note of any post ideas and keep a list of products that still need featuring, a work section where I make weekly to do lists and plan out my ideas for new projects, and a personal section for wish lists, books or films that have been recommended to me, and shopping lists. It's also handy for keeping my Slimming World food diary to hand all day long.

Obviously my iPhone is pretty essential for tweeting, Instagramming and bloglovin'ing! I have a Kate Spade flamingo phone case which is so bright and pink, it cheers me up every time I get my phone out. I also use my phone as my main camera, so to save gigabytes and battery I carry around my old iPod too. It might be fairly ancient, but it does the job and I much prefer the clicky wheel to the touch screen iPods anyway. 

My bag has really handy little card slots in the side, where I keep my work key card and bus card within easy reach. Best invention ever- why don't all bags have this?! I keep my house keys in a larger side pocket to avoid the rummaging-around-on-the-doorstep fail. The Mulberry keyring was a present from Matt's mum and I love it. It brings a smile to my face every time I get home. 

An umbrella is a necessity pretty much most of the year in this country, and I love my little red starry Cath Kidston number to cheer up a grey, rainy day. 

My purse is from Accessorize and I love it so much. The little gold bow detail is so cute and I think it looks much more expensive than it really was! The lining inside is blue polka dot (and we all know how I love a good polka dot) and it has lots of compartments to separate bank cards from loyalty cards from receipts etc!

Living in windy Brighton, I keep a compact Tangle Teezer and a bottle of Tommyguns Weather Protect Dew Drops in my bag at all times to keep windswept knots at bay. The dew drops serum helps to smooth frizz and prevent tangles, whilst adding shine, so I apply it a couple of throughout the day to keep my hair looking polished.

My lovely boss bought me this pretty compact mirror for Christmas. I laughed because she said she'd really struggled to buy a present for the "Cosmetics Queen" so got me something I could look at my make up in! I hope I don't come across as vain... me?!

Possibly my favourite items in my bag are my hand cream and lip balm. I love to carry around luxe products for little uplifting moments throughout the day. At the moment, I'm using the Monu Spa Hand & Nail Cream, which came in a Glossybox, and has the most incredible, happy scent of lemon, coconut and lavender. It's a gorgeously thick and creamy consistency and leaves my hands and cuticles soft and smelling divine. The Korres Lip Butters are just perfection in a pot; they give relief to chapped, dry lips, add colour, shine and moisture and generally induce feelings of happiness. The Jasmine one is a peachy nude colour that's ideal for daytime wear.

What's In Your Bag? Leave a link to your posts/videos so I can have a look. They don't call me nosy Rosie for nothing y'know...


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