The Beauty Shed Brow Bar

The Beauty Shed just can't get rid of me! I paid yet another visit to the quaint little beauty salon this evening, but this time to test drive their brand new brow bar. 

The entire Shed was bustling when I arrived, Nikki was holding a fitness class in the gym (which I desperately want to try, that woman sounds like she gets results!) and people were chillaxing in the cafe, so whilst we were waiting to dodge through the knee ups to make it upstairs to the salon, Sophie warmed me up with a nice cuppa 'love' tea; camomile, organic rose and lavender with a pretty pink label. I'm about to order some for home! seriously, is everything about that place so cute?

Once up in the treatment room, Sophie showed me exactly what threading is, how it works and why it' such a good method of brow shaping. Basically, a twisted length of thread creates little loops, which when run across the skin, pulls out all the hairs trapped in it in a really sharp line. This makes threading an ideal way of achieving a really defined, strong shape. It hurt a little, but the entire process took all of five minutes and doesn't damage the skin in the same way that waxing can. 

I'm fortunate enough to not have majorly unruly brows, so I wasn't expecting huge results- there were just the odd few stray hairs to tidy up. But when she handed me the mirror, I was surprised at how much of a difference the threading had made! My brows look really neat and defined, and it made my whole face appear more 'polished'. Another step to add to my brow routine- I'm converted! 

As ever, a charming experience at The Beauty Shed

What's your preferred method of brow maintenance? Are you a waxer, a threader or a stay-at-home plucker? 


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