Beauty resolutions #2: Revitalise my eyes

I need a slap on the wrist for this one. Or why not just take over my beauty blog right now? Surely I'm undeserving of beauty blogger status? I use moisturiser day and night, but for some reason, I always forget about my eye area! Until now that is, because my next beauty resolution for 2014, is to use eye cream daily. I am bored of constantly complaining about my hideous dark circles and I would quite like to avoid crows feet for as many more years as possible, whilst appearing like I've just woken from a ten hour beauty sleep, thank you very much.

 Shu Uemura Tsuya Skin Youth Infusing Eye Concentrate* is a bit of a miracle product which claims to act on: dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags and sagging. (...and breathe.) 'Tsuya' skin means ideal skin in Japanese, and the product aims to make the most your skin, whatever your age or skin type. Sounds a bit too good to be true, but since using this wonder cream for a month now (OK I lied, it's not strictly a New Years resolution, but a resolution none the less) I've noticed my under eye area softer, plumper and even a little brighter. It also acts as a fantastic primer, and I've found myself not even needing to wear concealer (on a good day). Just a sweep of powder with my Ecotools buffing concealer brush and I'm good to go. The only downside, is that this is a rather expensive resolution at £32 per tube, but a little does go a very long way and the product does a lot. 

And here's a little tip I learnt from the Shu Uemura brand ambassador himself: always apply your eye cream in a tapping motion, as this helps to drain the toxins out of the eye area. 



  1. This sounds fantastic! Would love to give this a go :)

    Amy| The Little Koala
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  2. it is lovely, but so expensive! eek! x

  3. Does the * mean you were sent this to review?
    Sounds great though, I'm always looking for something new to try to get rid of black circles!
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  4. yeah i went to meet the brand ambassador for shu uemura in store and he gave me this to try! it is really good - if it continues to improve the dark circles and I don't see any rave reviews for a cheaper product then I will probably repurchase! they do the tsuya skin for the whole face too - incredibly tempting! x

  5. Love the new blog look Rosie! miss you loads x x x x

  6. Love the eye concentrate but it is really expensive, there has to be a better answer to the question of how to tighten skin.

  7. Thanks Jessy! I miss you so much toooo xxxxxx


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