Beauty Resolutions #1: Use a heat protection spray

I'm a beauty blogger, make-up junkie and self-proclaimed boffin of all things beauty, but I have a confession to make. When it comes to the less glamorous, yet essential parts of my beauty routine, I'm really lazy. So I've made some beauty New Years Resolutions, and stocked up on some products to help me stick to them. 

My first resolution, is to use heat protection when heat styling my hair. I'm absolutely ashamed to admit how bad I am at bothering to protecting my hair from hot straighteners and curling tongs, but I blame it on bad products. First I used a cream, which I hated because it made my hands sticky, which is not ideal when I usually do my hair last thing before leaving the house in the morning. Then I bought the Elnett 2-in-1 heat protection and hairspray, which made my hair ridiculously crusty. I need something, quick and easy that leaves my hair soft and shiny but shields my hair from heat damage. 

Enter the Phil Smith Hot Iron Mist from the SOS Rescue range...a few quick spritzes of the mist and you're done- protected and ready to straighten, curl or blow dry to your hearts content within responsible moderation. The mist is fine and lightweight, so totally undetectable on your hair (aside from it's protective properties of course) leaving it soft and shiny. It sprays out of the can in short bursts (as opposed to a continuous spray as you would expect from a hairspray can) and also smells really delicious!

What are your bad beauty habits? 



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