Ideas for a Healthy Girls' Night In

When you're on the January Detox, it can be quite hard to stay on track and keep your social life in check. I admit I'm guilty of hiding myself away from temptation whenever I want to shed a few pounds stone, but I've been having a think about some fun things to do whilst I'm counting the calories. Whilst fancy restaurants and cocktail bars might be a no-no, you can still throw the best Girl's Night In, detox style...

Get the girls round and ditch the calorific cocktails or wine in favour of some delicious smoothies, presented in cute mason jars with retro straws.  If alcohol is a must, a shot of gin or vodka in your smoothie is a much lower-fat alternative to most cocktails or mixers - just step away from cream!

Swap salty snacks and naughty chocolates for healthy nibbles. I can't wait to get experimenting with some guilt-free snacks. Janna's recipe for kale chips look super easy to make, tasty and purely healthy. Or to satisfy a sweet tooth, I came across Homewetbar's blog post about hosting the perfect Girls' Night In and found the perfect, innocent, sweet treat - fat free yoghurt coated strawberries. How delish do they look?

Instead of slumming it in front of a romcom with a huge bowl of popcorn, burn off some extra calories by sticking on a wii game and dancing around the living room. I love the Zumba Wii game (not sure my downstairs neighbours do though...) but Just Dance looks more suited to a Girls Night In. Big floaty dresses and sunglasses are entirely necessary.

Getting a new outfit is always the thing to keep me on track, so why not get all your friends to have a much needed wardrobe clear out and have a 'swishing' party? One girl's trash is another girl's treasure, and you never know, she might just bring the skirt that you've had your eye on for ages! But before you get started, follow these tips to avoid squabbles!

What are your top tips for keeping to a diet or detox without losing out on your social life? Any recommendations are very welcome to stop me becoming a hermit!



  1. laura chambray and curls16 January 2014 at 12:09

    I love this! I reckon we should all organise a clothes swap :)

  2. Love this post :) Diet Ginger Ale with fresh lime is a winner. Also punnets of grapes instead of popcorn always saves me at the cinema!

  3. Such a great idea and those yoghurt covered strawberries look amazing! yum!


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  4. Those strawberries look amazing and doing Zumba or a Wii game together is a fab idea! x

  5. i think that is a FABULOUS idea! shall we organise one? x

  6. there may be a Brighton bloggers swish on the cards! if so, you should come down, i'd love to raid your wardrobe! x


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