Beauty Resolutions #3: Bother with a base coat!

I know, I know... skipping your base coat is the ultimate manicure crime. Unfortunately, I'm guilty as charged. I never bother with a base coat - I'm usually far too excited to get the colour on! But not only does neglecting a base coat make your polish more likely to chip, it's also resulted in my nails becoming quite manky and discoloured. So my third New Years beauty resolution is to religiously use a base coat on every mani I give myself.

Whilst searching on twitter for what base coats you guys are talking about, I came across Tereza's post about Essie base coats. I love Essie polishes as much as the next beauty maniac, so I clicked through and within 30 seconds, had bagged myself one for just £2.99 from FragranceDirect! Amazing!

I went for the Nourish Me Intense Hydration Base Coat which Essie claim to be for dry and brittle nails. Thankfully (and surprisingly, considering I've deprived them of a base coat for so long) my nails are actually pretty healthy, but I'm generally a fan of anything 'nourishing'.

My order arrived just two days after I ordered it (thanks, Fragrance Direct!) so I've been using this for over a week now. (That's about three polish changes for me... I have too much time and nail polish on my hands!) I think my manicures look much more professional, and despite a serious spring clean of the kitchen, my nails haven't broken, split or chipped.

Do you always remember to use a base coat? What's your go-to brand?


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