Casual Curls: Toni & Guy Reverse Conical Wand

I love wearing my hair curly, but perfect ringlets or glamorous retro waves are a bit much for casual day time hair. That's why the Toni & Guy Reverse Conical Wand* is a bit of a revelation. It's part of Toni & Guy's Hair Meets Wardrobe collection - a range of products which are tailored to your wardrobe - Casual, Glamour, Classic and Creative. This one's from the Casual collection, and as it's name suggests is an upside down version of your ordinary conical wand. Slim at one end, getting thicker towards the end. The revolutionary shape of the Reverse Conical Wand creates loose, relaxed waves that are perfectly matched with a pair of jeans.

My favourite thing about this hairstyle, is that it's so quick and easy to do. There's no need to worry about the direction of the curls, or making them even and neat - a messy mismatch of waves just adds to the look. You'll notice there's no clamp on the wand; to use you simply wrap a section of hair around it and hold for a few seconds. At first I was envisioning 9 out of 10 burnt fingers, but the wand comes with a rather fetching heat protective glove. It is quite difficult to section your hair whilst wearing the glove, but worth it. The wand gets very hot (the nice big burn on my new blanket serves as evidence to this!) and there's only the one heat setting. But, that's not to say it's terrible for your hair - Toni & Guy claim that their new technologies protect the colour and shine in your hair. Usually, I'd be extremely cynical of such promises, but I must say that my hair does look and feel much shinier and softer after using this, compared to other curling tools which usually leave my hair quite damaged and frizzy.

It only takes about 20 minutes to do the whole head, or if your hair has a bit of a natural wave to it like mine, I've been using it just to add in a few defined waves here and there before running out of the door in the mornings. I always finish off with a little bit of salt spray to add some texture and hold.

Have you tried anything from the Toni & Guy Hair meets Wardrobe collection? Would you be casual, glamour, classic or creative?



  1. Sophie Blumenthal10 January 2014 at 16:13

    Ooh that wand looks gorgeous, although I'm trying to use less heat on my hair, I am a sucker for a good curling wand! Your hair looks gorgeous too!

    Sophie x

  2. i suck at all hair do-age. all of it. you're clearly a pro.

  3. Ooh your hair looks great! I'd never considered the idea of a reverse conical wand before :) judging from your hair it looks like I ought to!xx

  4. I love that the curls get bigger towards the end, such a beautiful look!

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  5. It looks awesome! I find curling wands so hard to use on my long hair but you've done a good job

  6. you don't! your braid crown thingy tutorial saved my NYE breakdown! x


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