A trip to Tai

Setting my alarm for 7.45am on a Saturday morning would usually be completely unacceptable, if for any other reason than being treated to a luxurious full body scrub and back massage at Hove’s Tai Hair & Beauty.

 After a highly stressful week involving moving house, receiving only half of a bookshelf despite taking the entire day off work to wait in for delivery, building roomfuls of flat pack furniture and then dealing with some sad news, a bit of R&R was exactly what I needed to relieve the aches and pains.

I hopped off the bus and found the salon directly across the road, a little hub of glamour and relaxation in the centre of Blatchington Road. The salon has recently been refurbished and looks fantastic; a cool mix of urban sophistication and oriental inspired decor. Downstairs in the hair salon there’s an actual real life tree growing out of the floor! Up in the treatment rooms, carefully chosen wallpapers give the two rooms unique but relaxing atmospheres. The room in which I had my body scrub and massage made me feel right at home, somewhere between the fabulous Brighton themed wallpaper, candles, fairy lights and bottles of nail polish. 

The lovely Becky (who you can see in the mirror there^) took great care of me and made me feel relaxed despite my inhibitions; I thought I was going to hate someone touching my jiggly bits! But in fact the full body scrub experience was totally relaxing and rejuvenating, and just what I needed after my crazy week. Becky placed a towel over my eyes and put on some soothing music and I just melted into a state of pure relaxation as she used an amazing smelling Pomegranate sugar scrub to exfoliate me from top to toe. I lay under a towel, and she only uncovered one area at a time so I didn’t feel exposed or uncomfortable (or cold). After the body scrub, Becky worked her magic hands on my back, massaging away all the built up tension and stress from moving house.

Afterwards, I felt so much better, both physically and mentally, and the body scrub has left my skin feeling super soft and smooth. Definitely worth waking up early for!



  1. Sophie Blumenthal12 December 2013 at 14:17

    Ooh that salon looks lovely, definitely need a massage right now!
    Sophierosehearts x

  2. WOW! This sounds amazing! And only a two minute walk from my house! SOunds like the perfect thing after the week you've had too! xx

  3. The whole procedure of the body massage is very relaxing & is a rejuvenating experience. Various therapeutic essences are massaged onto the body to enhance toxin elimination. You are then cocooned in magical seaweed mud to promote detoxification, while providing hydration and balance to the body, leaving the skin looking and feeling absolutely wonderful. You emerge feeling on top of the world. Massage restores normal function to the nervous, circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems.

  4. Hey, I'm going here tomorrow but travelling from central brighton- what bus did you get there?
    thank you!


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