A Christmassy Girls' Night In

Call me boring, but I much prefer a nice, cosy night in on the sofa than being pushed and shoved on a sticky dance floor, paying through the roof for drinks and having horrible men pinch my bottom. And according to a recent survey, 70% of women agree that Girls’ Nights In are the way forwards.

For me, there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned sleepover! Turning the lounge into a den of blankets and cushions, cracking open a bottle and digging out the cheesiest rom-coms I can find that my boyfriend won't watch with me!

 This year, rather than splashing out on a Christmas party with the girls, I want to invite them round to my gorgeous new flat for a cosy, festive night in in our onesies, watching some cheesy Christmas movies, drinking way too much wine and eating way too much chocolate.

Add some festive scented candles and crack open a Christmas nail polish gift set to give each other sparkly manis and it's the perfect night in. 

Of course all this planning this has added a few items to my shopping list... 

Super soft and cuddle teddy bear onesie from River IslandSpiced Mandarin Parkminster candleChina Glaze 'Be Merry' Gift Set . Elf, The Holiday & Love Actually . And the biggest box of Forerro Rochet that I can find. 

What does your perfect night in with the girls look like? 




  1. i think thats a great idea! SOmething diffrent to the usual night out :)
    I love the holiday and love actually defo must see movies for winter time :) xx

  2. If I can chuck Matt out one night, maybe we should do this with some of the bloggers? :-) x

  3. I think it's much nicer to stay in where you can keep cosy, save money, and have a real chit chat! without the drama!


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