Sleek MakeUP's Celestial Palette and a perfect plum eye for Autumn.

I tend to stick to browns, greys and peaches on my lids, and even though I took the plunge into technicolour this year with my Summer Eyes palette, I still felt a little uneasy when I opened up the Sleek MakeUP Celestial Palette* to be greeted with a blast of bright, glittery shades. But despite my initial freak out, I've grown to find myself reaching for this palette in the mornings to add a splash of colour to my dark autumnal outfits. 

As with the nature of palettes, there are some shades that I doubt I will ever use, like the pastel lime green 'terrestrial' and the highly glitter-packed emerald green 'aurora'. But, the rest of the shades are surprisingly wearable, even for a colour phobe like me. 

'Meteoric' instantly reminded me of Mac's cranberry, a colour that I have been thinking of investing in after having some serious blogger envy. (I haven't gone colourblind by the way - my photo isn't exactly true to reality and 'meteoric' is actually a much deeper, burgundy pink.) For the last few weeks, I've been favouring this pinky plum eye, using 'eclipse' (shimmery beige) as a base blending into 'meteoric' in the. For a bit more glamour, I added in 'solar' (brighter, glittery plum) in the crease and outer corner of my eye for a bit of sparkle.

Do you like the look of the Celestial palette? Or do you prefer to play it safe with neutrals? If so, have I persuaded you to indulge in a touch of colour?




  1. Recently I have been a bit more adventurous when it comes to eye make up. I'm not overly in to bright colours but a good mix of these would work. Looks like a lovely palette!

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan


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