Imagining Interiors: The Living Room

Cushions - H&M (Stripe/Chevron/Aztec) . Magazine files - Ikea . Mantle clock - Asda . Rattan storage box- Ikea . Book framed picture - Matalan . Wooden ampersand - Wilkinsons . Orange and cinnamon candle - Matalan  Harlequin vase - Zara Home . Faux peony - Wilkinson

At the end of the month, we're moving into our dream flat. We'll have much more space, high ceilings and big windows, and I can't wait to start making it feel like home.

For the living room, I'm going for a mis-match of monochrome prints, with neutral accents. We will have a brown sofa and a large wooden dining table, a pale grey coffee table, and a white Ikea storage shelves, and a fireplace with light brown tiles, and I think that these finishing touches will be perfect for creating a cosy and stylish space.

Stay tuned to see how I'll be decorating the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen! And if you have seen any gorgeous monochrome for the home - let me know in the comments!




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