Imagining Interiors: The Bedroom

customised colour fairy lights- Cable & Cotton . Knitted cushion- Sainsbury's . Rose cushion- H&M , Bed covers- ASDA . Flowers in vase- Wilko . Pink tealight holder- Butlers . Silver throw- ASDA . Candlestick- Matalan. Vintage rose candle- Wilko
So you've seen how I'm planning on decorating our new living room, and now I'm moving on to the bedroom, which I'm claiming as the girly area of the flat! I'm going for a grey, white and dusky pink colour scheme. Cable & Cotton have a shop in Brighton that always has the prettiest window displays, and what better way to tie in a colour scheme than to be able to build your own coloured fairy lights!

Our shoebox bedroom at the moment is a beauty bloggers nightmare with no space for anything and having to do my hair and makeup perched on the edge of the bed. But our new bedroom is large, bright and airy - with large windows and two built in wardrobes! Perfect! I'll be ordering an Ikea dressing table and am way too excited to have a space to store my products and create an inspirational, pretty area to sit and blog!

The rest of the bedroom will be cosy with scented candles and snuggly throws and cushions to curl up in bed with a cuppa and a good box set.

Post in the comments if you've seen any pretty things that would make a good addition to my new pink and grey bedroom!




  1. Gorgeous items! Your just right. Keep it the girly part of the flat :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. Our bedroom is grey, great colour choice :p it's lovely to create a little haven and be inspired x

  3. I love your picks. I want to redo my bedroom a bit. Pink will definitely be featured :)
    Adela x

  4. We've recently decorated our 10 year old daughter's bedroom. She wanted bright colours, I wanted French chic...guess who won? She has French grey walls, with white painted furniture and and dusky pink accessories...including Cable and Cotton' s lights in dusky pinks and greys. It's beautiful!

  5. Ha! I'm sure she will be very glad in a few years time that you won! French chic is timeless and suitable for every age! I wish I could afford Cable & Cotton lights but alas I think actual furniture is a priority... hopefully my mum will see this post and get the hint in time for christmas though! :-) x

  6. After I'd read your blog post, I went to Asda and bought the silver cross stitch throw for her bed. I was expecting her to complain that it was more grey, but she was thrilled. Thanks for suggesting it! Xx

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