Tommyguns Haircare

With severe weather warnings being issued for the South coast this weekend so soon after the St Jude storm, it is most definitely time to introduce some new windy weather fighting secret weapons into my routine. My dry, coloured hair tends to get extremely knotted in the wind and rain, but luckily Tommyguns haircare* has been on hand to save the bad hair day.

Tommyguns is a haircare range developed from the Tommyguns SoHo salon, made from natural ingredients with a dedication to botanical scents. To combat my damaged, knot prone hair, I've been using the hydrating duo- a shampoo and conditioner twosome made from a blend of jasmine, wild nettle and sweet almond. It smells divine and the strong aroma fills the entire bathroom throughout a lovely scented shower. I did find my hair noticeably moisturised and detangled, although it didn't quite match the magic of my ultimate hair saving saviour Dove's Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner, which never fails to leave my hair soft and glossy. However, Tommyguns' real hair hero comes in a dinky bottle. The Weather Protect Dew Drops is a miracle lightweight serum infused with jojoba. Just a few tiny drops tame wind induced frizz, and make my hair feel much smoother and look glossier. A few friends even commented on how nice my hair looked after using this product, even after having braced the blustery build up to St Jude!

What hair heroes help you survive the stormy weather? Will you be trying Tommyguns? Its available in Waitrose and is a bargain for a professional salon brand!




  1. I have tried it before including the jasmine shampoo - I quite like it but I feel like I prefer other brands :)

    Annie |

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