The Nail Files- Shirley Temple

What could be better for holiday nails than a tropical orange glitter named after a cocktail?! Shirley Temple is one of Rimmel's Cocktail Colour polishes, which gives a subtle jelly like effect with one coat or a more vibrant colour with two (as pictured). The range comes in a range of other colours (or should I say, flavours) and whilst this one may be more suited to the beach bar (I'll bet that this polish will look perfect when my fingers are wrapped around a cocktail glass on the side of the pool!) the purple Baby Bellini and red Hawaiian Punch would be fab for Christmas too.

I'm currently writing this from the airport, waiting to board our flight to Turkey, so I'll see you in a week! Whilst I'm away, two lovely bloggers will be taking over Everything's Rosie with some fabulous guest posts so make sure you come back and say hello to them! 




  1. Gorgeous color! Have a safe and wonderful trip! :)


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