Youngblood #2: Eye Illuminating Duo

When you haven't quite managed to catch your eight hours of beauty sleep, no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, there's nothing worse than dull, tired eyes to give the game away. Enter Youngblood's Eye Illuminating Duo* - a double ended, multi purpose, eye brightening pencil.

The shimmer end is a soft, pink champagne in colour, and used to brighten the inner corner of the eyes and highlight the brow bone, whilst the matte, peachy-nude end awakens tired eyes when applied the the lower waterline and outside corners.

Swatched: Shimmer / Matte
As I usually wear heavy, black eyeliner on a daily basis, using a pale colour feels a little alien to me, but I like the fresh, natural look it creates - a nice change for summery, barely-there make up.

The pencil is creamy and glides on luxuriously. I particularly love wearing the shimmer highlighter, but think I still need to get used to using a light shade on my waterline! My only concern about this pencil is that, although the chunky size of it is fine for highlighting purposes, I'd find a slimmer pencil easier for using as an eyeliner.

Youngblood are fast becoming a very welcome addiction to my make up bag (I'm still in love with my Dragon Fruit lipstick) with their beautiful and quality products, and what's more is that they use mineral ingredients and are cruelty free!

How do you disguise tired eyes?


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  1. this looks like something that i need as the one im using now just crumbles on the skin :(

  2. Love the layout of your blog. It's so pretty!

    llh x

    I have a few hours left on a MAC giveaway if you are interested :)

  3. They look great, and look like something that would really help out my big old black bags! I have an old white pencil but its a bit flakey and gross, think it might be time for an upgrade! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx


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