The Nail Files: Salon Shine Sienna

Too often, my manicures consist of a quick file and polish which has resulted in some pretty scrappy looking cuticles. So, while I had a few hours to myself, I sat down with a little mini manicure kit and treated my pinkies to some TLC. I gave my nails a much needed trim and shape with my new Champney's nail clippers* and my adorable little metal nail file that my friends bought me for my birthday. It's surprising, after using cheapo tools, how much easier it is to get the shape you require with some better quality tools. No7's Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Care was just what I needed to smooth my raggedy fingers and trim off those pesky cuticles.

I picked out a pretty pink polish, Sienna* from the 2true Pro Salon Shine range, which is their equivalent to Barry M's infamous Gelly polishes. I love this colour, it's very wearable and has a high gloss shine, even before the top coat.

Have you tried any nail varnishes from 2true?



  1. Great Post you're nails look great, I always neglect my cuticles, but won't be anymore
    Rach xx

  2. Love it Rosie :) I should really invest in some decent nail clippers and scissors!

  3. I should really start treating my cuticles! its just something that is so easy to forget... great post reminding me i need to give my nails some tlc! :)

  4. That nail file is so cute! :) Love the colour it's really pretty.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  5. Loving the colour of the nail polish! I am going to paint mine tonight after I've dyed my workmates hair! I def need to sort those darned cuticles though!


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