Favourite Five #4

This week I've been loving...

EAT: Yesterday's rainy afternoon calls for only one thing - making chocolate fudge brownies with white chocolate chips and then eating them all whilst watching movies.

READ: I haven't been able to put down Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, a twisted psycho thriller about a missing wife and the investigations into her disappearance. It was so good I'm actually sad I've finished it, but now I have the film to look forward to!

WATCH: Breaking Bad, obviously! In my opinion, the best TV show of all time... I can't wait to find out how it concludes now that the final series is out! eeek!

PAMPER: I'm a massive fan of hair oils, they're the best thing for sorting out my dry and damaged locks. The Trevor Sorbie Colour Enhance Oil* leaves my hair soft and shiny, and the colour enhancing properties are particularly useful as I've been swimming a lot recently and we all know what chlorine does to bleached hair...

WEAR: I usually hate the wearing tops- too tight and I get a muffin top, too loose and it looks like I'm wearing a tent, but I'm totally in love with the Topshop camis! They're such a flattering fit. I've worn my black one to death this week and have since made a naughty online order for orange and blue too...

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  1. BREAKING BAD <3 Can't wait for tomorrow night. Those brownies look so lovely, and the cami looks great on you!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. The brownies look sooo good :D I've heard loads of good things about Breaking Bad... I really should watch it! x


  3. Love this post Rosie! I so want some of the Topshop Cami's, everyone seems to love them! xx

  4. I'm such a fan of tank tops at the moment, which I guess are a lot like camis in the respect they're really versatile!

    Thanks for your lovely tweet earlier, do let me know if there are any up coming blogger meet ups :)

    Sarah x

  5. Ooh, good to hear about the Topshop camis! I've been looking for a nice flattering one lately :)

    Lulu xx



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