Youngblood #1: Dragon Fruit Lipstick

Youngblood Lipstick in Dragon Fruit* £14 
Have you ever heard of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics before? I hadn't, but I'm so pleased I've discovered them now- I think I'm about to embark on a steamy love affair, shamelessly cheating on Benefit with a new favourite brand!

The first reason that I've fallen a little bit in love with this brand is because I've fallen a lot in love with my new lippy. Not only is it luxuriously silky, highly moisturising and the most long lasting colour I have ever experienced from a lipstick, but I just love the colour!

At £14 a pop, I've been comparing this lippy to MAC, and, controversial I know, but I think it's better. My Mac lipsticks tend to wear off after an hour or so, a huge grumbling point for me, where as this one stayed put for hours- even without any kind of primer or lipstick sealer.

Dragon Fruit* is the new shade for Summer 2013, and possibly the most gorgeous colour I ever did see. It's lovely for summer, with a flush of bronzer and bright eyes, but I can imagine it being perfect for autumn too paired with brown smokey eyes. I'm generally quite shy of lipsticks and prefer to wear heavy eye make up over bold lips any day, but I actually think that this shade really suits me! Hooray! Do we like?

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  1. Wow I love this colour on you. I bought a really similar one from sleek but this one looks so nice and moisturising too. It really suits you!

    Will definitely have to look into Youngblood, I love finding out about new beauty brands :)

    You look stunning Rosie

    Fifi xx

  2. I love this colour lipstick. It really suits you, you look lovely :) xx


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