Summer Glow

I'm not one for self tan. As much as I'd love to be a bronzed beauty, I can't apply the stuff if my life depended on it. I've tried everything (minus a sun bed) - hands vs. mitt, mousse vs. spray, but I always end up streaky, patchy and/or orange. None of the above are a good look. So instead I choose to rock the pasty look, after all, Snow White was the fairest of them all :-)

But sometimes, although I have become accustomed to embracing my natural skin colour, there are times when blinding the people of Brighton with my luminous white legs is just really very inconsiderate of me, so I have turned to Dove's Summer Glow gradual tanning moisturiser. Matt's mum was raving to me about this, and when we last went to visit, she'd left me a bottle on the bedside table - how lovely is she?!

It's so easy to apply- no streaks or patches, so perfect for disastrous self-tanners like myself. I've been using the one for fair to medium skin, and after a few days use I can see a lovely, subtle golden glow. No need to bother with moisturising and tanning (ain't nobody got time for that) - Dove Summer Glow is an ideal moisturiser replacement and leaves skin feeling soft and silky. 

Do you like being a bronzed goddess or are you more like me? Have you tried a gradual tanner?


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  1. Hmm I may give this a go! :)

  2. This was my go to fake tan for like two years! I love it :)
    I've moved on to St Moriz fake tan now which is also amazing, i'd definitely recommend you give that a go!

  3. I will definitely have to give this a go as I'm heading into summer! x



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